On-Prem Conferencing System for Enterprise Organizations
unlimited seats - $5.00 / seat / month
Designed for larger enterprises, this on-prem solution offers the highest level of security and customization. Includes P2P Document Share with the option to add P2P Document Sign, ensuring comprehensive, encrypted document handling.
one time set up fee
annual support costs
Use your enterprise encryption keys to ensure maximum safety and control
Whitelabel option allows enterprises to provide a custom experience
Comes with P2P Document Share, our secure PDF Sharing Service
Add P2P Document Sign for $1.00 per signing credit (25 sign credit bundles)
Data Sovereignty and Compliance
On-prem installations allow businesses to maintain complete data sovereignty, ensuring all data remains within their jurisdiction. This is crucial for complying with national and industry-specific data protection regulations.
Reduced Dependence on Third-party Servers
By hosting the service internally, companies eliminate risks associated with third-party data breaches and downtimes, ensuring higher reliability and security.
Enhanced Performance and Scalability
On-prem solutions can be optimized for the specific network and IT infrastructure of the company, potentially offering better performance and scalability tailored to the organization's size and needs.
Customizable Security Protocols
Beyond encryption, companies can implement their security protocols and integrate the system with existing security tools for a layered defense strategy.
Tailored User Experience and Branding
With white-labeling and customization options, the system can be tailored not just in appearance but also in functionality to suit the specific workflow and branding of the company.
Enhanced Privacy for Sensitive Meetings
Ideal for industries such as defense, healthcare, or government, where meetings often involve highly sensitive information that should not be transmitted over external networks.
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